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Yesterday (and all of this weekend, really) I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Somehow, probably from having older siblings, I have always connected much better to people older than me. And somehow, I always end up being the youngest. (Except in my dating endeavors, alas.) My colleagues never fail to remind me that I’m “such a baby,” which is something I’ve always hated it, especially as the youngest child. But this year, I hope I can come to terms with it. I’ll probably wish in two years that I were turning 23. So, here’s to appreciating my age! I’ll toast to that. 

A quick recap of the weekend:

  • My dad, his girlfriend and my cousin LB came up for lunch on Saturday. We ate at The Pit, a famous gourmet barbecue restaurant in downtown Raleigh, where we watched the fast-paced NCSU vs. UNC game. (NCSU lost, much to my father’s chagrin.) We topped the meal off with samples at Videri Chocolate Factory and popsicles at LocoPops.
  • Saturday night, a host of my friends came over for drinks before dining at Calavera, a new empanada and tequila bar downtown. It was amazing. My friends surprised me with a “King Kong” dessert empanada of bananas and Nutella. Afterward, we drank at the Busy Bee, one of my favorite bars, and danced at the wonderful Neptune’s Parlour and the horrible Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern. We ended the night at some dude’s fratty house where I was (accidentally, I think) served a moldy beer. Then, my friend Toni and I stayed up until 5:30 a.m. chatting.
  • On Monday, my actual birthday, I was treated to lunch and an embarrassing sombrero song at San Felipe, a banal Mexican restaurant in Sanford, where I work. The office also treated me to amazing key lime pie from Mrs. Lacy’s Magnolia House and a sweet kitty card signed by everyone. 
  • Monday night happened to be the season finale of The Bachelor, which under no circumstances would ever be my favorite show. However, my College of Design friends made a game out of it, one I will share with you sometime soon. It’s potluck style, and four of my friends didn’t communicate that they were making not one, not two, but FIVE birthday desserts for me, plus presents and a pretty letterpress card that they all signed. So sweet! It was so much fun, and a great way to top off my birthday.

It goes without saying, then, that all the emails, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages and wall posts, tweets, cards, gifts, meals, drinks and flowers made my birthday celebration a stellar one indeed. I am totally spoiled and blessed!